Exuma, Îles Bahamas

One of our favourite beaches, Forbes Hill

One of our favourite beaches, Forbes Hill

One of our favourite beaches, Forbes Hill
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Looking to trade our Sun and Sand for a British Christmas

{Although this site will show we have not made any exchanges we have completed well over 30 with another site.}
This home is a lifelong dream finally come to fruition. We have a two bedroom, two bath home in the far corner of a tropical acre seemingly in the middle of nowhere yet only a 12 minute drive to Georgetown. It was our desire to blur the boundary between indoors and out and have a very open and tropical feel to the home.
Warm earthy colours set in the midst of scores of palms remind you every moment of where you are. You don't need to look outside, you ARE outside.
Waking up you feel as if you are waking in a tent on a camping trip with the outdoors all around you. We do however have all modern conveniences
. A large open kitchen with gas stove and large island. high speed wifi and 42"wall mounted flat panel TV.
We run completely on solar energy with photovoltaic panels and passive hot water.
As we want the open feel and personally can't bear air conditioning we don't have it installed but have ceiling fans in both bedrooms and lounge areas.
We prefer to cool down by taking a dip in the ocean (100 yards away) and cold drinks!

We have now completed building a one bedroom cottage on site that we can use to trade for non simultaneous exchanges or, if an exchange doesnt work out for us we can rent the cottage out to members for $99/night. There is a link below that will take you to the site for Rum Runners

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La famille

  • 2 Adultes
  • 0 Enfants
  • 0 Échange(s) réalisé(s) précédemment

Profession / Occupation

  • David - (57) Retired
  • Cherith - (51) Retired

Le logement

  • Type de logement: maison de plain-pied
  • Environnement : en bord de mer
  • Chambres: 2
  • Salles de bain: 2
  • Nombre de couchages: 4


  • Animaux domestiques - NON Refusés
  • Enfants en bas-âge - NON Refusés
  • non fumeur
  • voiture indispensable
  • prêt/échange de voiture
  • isolé/sans vis-à-vis
  • mise à disposition d'un bateau

Transactions proposées

  • Échange de longue durée
  • Échange non-simultané
  • Échange de maisons
  • Échange d'hospitalité
  • Logement proposé à la location

Confort extérieur

  • jardin
  • balcon

Destinations demandées

  • Scotland, UK
  • England, UK
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

Langues parlées

  • Anglais

Carte de situation géographique et informations complémentaires

Profession / Occupation

  • David - (57) Retired
  • Cherith - (51) Retired


  • Aucun enfant

Animaux domestiques

  • We raise chickens and quail here on Exuma but when we travel we have someone stay in the guest house so their keeping is not your concern. You do however benefit from fresh eggs!

Informations sur la famille

Hullo! We are David and Cherith. David is from Glasgow, Scotland and I am from Vancouver BC. We settled in the Bahamas about five years ago and built both the main house and the cottage and are enjoying turning our life into a real homesteading experience.
We have completed more than 30 home exchanges albeit not through this website.

We have the main house running on solar power and both the house and cottage run on passive solar hot water.
We do as much as we possibly can to live a natural lifestyle which includes raising chickens (who roam freely throughout the jungle) and Coturnix Quail and Bees should be arriving next month!
We make all our own meals, bread, yogurt, pasta, condiments,​ dressings, well, anything and everything we can.
There are many many challenges to living on a small remote island, but we have learned to embrace this challenge and it has made our lives so much richer.

Le style de vie

Being that we are on Solar power and the fact that personally we do NOT like A/C we do not have it installed. We have screened open areas everywhere and ceiling fans in every room. We'd rather find other ways of cooling down than shutting ourselves in a box. So don't expect A/C. We are 200 steps away from the ocean for a nice swim and there are lots of other ways of cooling down. Having said that it is not like other places that it gets insanely hot. The hottest we've ever experienced here in the summer is 35. Yes a bit too hot but it's no Italian 44! :-)