Rabat, Maroc

A traditional Moroccan home, called a 'riad', is build around a central, sunny courtyard.

A traditional Moroccan home, called a 'riad', is build around a central, sunny courtyard.

The central courtyard viewed from the rooftop terrace

The central courtyard viewed from the rooftop terrace

Evening atmosphere

Evening atmosphere

A traditional Moroccan home, called a 'riad', is build around a central, sunny courtyard. The central courtyard viewed from the rooftop terrace Evening atmosphere

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A beautiful traditionnal riad in the center of the old city

Our house (150 m², plus a 100 m² terrace) has 4 bedrooms. This is a traditional Moroccan home, called a 'riad', and it's over 400 years old. It's in a very nice neighborhood close to the beach and the city center, in the middle of the old "Medina" with access to all public transportation, shops, restaurants, monuments and museums.

Rabat is a very peaceful, beautiful city, and surprisingly laid-back for a capital. This is "The Greenest City in Africa" with plenty of parks and green spaces. And the cultural capital of Morocco: the Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art is here, and in 2019, the Grand Theater of Rabat will open (designed by the architect Zaha Hadid). The New York Times named Rabat as one of the 52 places to go in 2015.

The temperature can be hot in the summer, but not unbearable, thanks to a steady breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. In August, it's 28 to 30 °C. And the water is quite warm and wonderful for swimming :)

You will find amazing Moroccan handicrafts (ceramics, metalwork, rugs, etc.), but also restaurants and clubs where you can have a drink and dance late into the evening. Tradition and modernity are everywhere.

Rabat is very centrally located in Morocco: 4 hours from Marrakech, 3 hours from Tangiers, 3 hours from Fez, 2 hours from Meknès and the Roman ruins of Volubilis, 3 hours from the Middle Atlas mountains (and the monkeys!), 1 1/2 hours from Casablanca, one of the biggest and most modern cities in West Africa, and 20 minutes from beautiful beach resorts.

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  • Psychotherapist
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Le logement

  • Type de logement: maison de plain-pied
  • Environnement : en ville
  • Chambres: 4
  • Salles de bain: 1
  • Nombre de couchages: 8
  • surface habitable: 150 m2
  • surface totale: 300 m2

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Carte de situation géographique et informations complémentaires

Aéroport le plus proche: Rabat - 15 km

Very traditional neighborhood. Even if we are in the capital of the country, you will live an authentic Morrocan experience in the medina. The medina is the old walled city -- the original Rabat. It is made up of alleys and paths; there are very few cars. There is a commercial part with markets and shops for your food and souvenirs. Then there is the residential part, where we live. Along its alleys, there are many riads -- traditional Moroccan homes like ours.

In the "New City", about a 10 minute walk from our home, you can find contemporary shops, markets and supermarket, and plenty of restaurants and bars (yes, Morocco produces its own wine and beer, and they are quite good!). In the restaurants, you have a choice of traditional Moroccan cuisine (tajines, couscous, pastilla, etc.) or more international fare: French, Thai & Vietnamese, Italian, etc. Rabat is a very cosmopolitan city!

Rabat is a very safe and relaxed place, and the cultural capital. Fortunately, it is not a city overrun by tourism. You can shop for handicrafts -- pottery, leather, carpets -- and not feel harassed by salesmen. Rabat is well situated in the country. There are trains and autoroutes to lead to every major city (Marrakech, Tangiers, Fez, Meknes, and Casablanca) all within a few hours by car.

As Rabat is on the Atlantic ocean, there are many beautiful beaches. The principal beach of Rabat is a 5 minute walk from our home. It's practical thanks to its location, but not the most beautiful. There are several lovely beaches within 30 minutes by car or train.

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  • Psychotherapist
  • University professor


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